The village of Vitanje lies in the middle of Slovenia. During our transfer from Bratislava to Ljubljana we could not have missed the visit of the main attraction of the capital: Cultural Space Programme centre, or KSEVT. It was founded in honour of Herman Potočnik Noordung, renowned scientist and thinker. He wrote about space travel long before the humanity was equipped with the technology to facilitate it.

The building of KSEVT, which is dedicated to research, art as well as social and cultural events, is a collaborative work by four reputable architecture studios: Bevk-Perović, OFIS, Sadar+Vuga and Degleva-Gregorič.

In the main exhibition space of KSEVT, there is an exposition of cosmic research from Potočnik to the latest experiments.

At the end of 1928, Herman Potočnik Noordung published his sole book called “Das Problem der Befahrung des Weltraums – der Raketen-Motor” (The Problem of Space Travel – The Rocket Motor).

In 188 pages and 100 handmade illustrations, Potočnik set out a plan for a breakthrough into space and the establishment of a permanent human presence there.

Text: Adam Štěch
Photo: Tomáš Souček, Jan Kloss
Video: Jan Rybák