Glass cities, vases from the chemical flasks and lamps in the shape of a water pump. Most of the Studio Dechem’s projects link poetic inspirations with simple forms and delicate craft. Designers Michaela Tomišková and Jakub Janďourek tell their personal stories through their sophisticated glass products.

The duo met during their first collaborative project. “Four years ago I collaborated with the factory to produce my graduation project at UMPRUM in Prague and Jakub helped me with the production,” says Tomišková who founded Dechem with Janďourek very soon afterwards in 2011. “It was a collection of lamps which combined high-precision crystal and Kavalier’s tubular borosilicate glass.” Since then, Dechem has created several successful glass products, focusing on minimalism, material sensibility, careful use of colour and an overall poetic style.

Most products by Dechem are characterized by their formal and story-telling poetics.

Before the designers founded their studio, they already had a rich creative experience behind them. Tomišková co-founded two important activities before, including “design-art food” studio Rozbíjím se and a group of designers Vyrobeno Lesem (Made by Forest). Jakub Janďourek worked for big names in design and glass production including Lasvit, before he set up the studio Born in Bor with his friend Ota Svoboda.

Natural poetics, passion for design and glass making experience of Michaela Tomišková and Jakub Janďourek, gathered in their previous projects, then crystallized in pure form in their very own Studio Dechem. Most products of Dechem are characterized by their formal and story-telling poetics.

Whether it’s an intimate Mr. Flame lamp, or figural romantic landscapes made from cut pieces of coloured glass, the designers are trying to create whole compact story from the idea through production to the result. In the latest collection, Dechem started to create even more simple and production effective pieces of colorful gradient vases, bowls and lamps.

Recently their most successful project to date is the collection of vases called Bandaska. Produced in three different sizes and many different subtle colours, Bandaska is the essential object of Dechem creative philosophy. “Bandaska collection is very successful for us. We can produce them in different shapes and colors but the production is still very efficient. We sell them in several concept stores around the world,” exaplains Michaela.

Last year, Dechem won the main award of Czech Grand Design not just for their own projects, but also for collaboration with Kavalier glass manufacture. “Kavalier approached us two years ago to develop a lifestyle collection of lighting based on Michaela’s graduation project,” says Janďourek. “First, we started with complicated structures like suspension lights and lamps. But after, we realized that we have to work with the existing glass parts in the simplest way possible,” says Tomišková. The designers went through Kavalier’s production to find suitable parts of technical glass to create a minimalist lighting collection, called “Laboratory Lights.” Funnels became shades for suspension lamps; sulphonation flasks became mushroom-shaped table lamps. “We metalized some glass parts with gold or titanium to make an elegant surface and precious colour details,” says Janďourek.

Interview & text: Adam Štěch
Text edit: Helena Kardová
Photo: Tomáš Souček
Illustrations: Matěj Činčera